10 updates on Instagram that you should know (2018)

Apart from the great news that Instagram posts will now post automatically via partner apps, here are a few more updates you need to know about Instagram;


Latest instagram news 2018

1) You can now highlight your stories for more than 24 hours (reminds me of BBM status, doesn’t it)

2) Your stories now remain in the archives after 24 hours and can be reused

3) You can now follow hashtags that are relevant to your industry to get latest updates from different accounts.

4) Instagram stories are now more fun as GIFs have been added, that just tells us that stories are here to stay (they seem to be giving snapchat a run for their money, right?)

5) You can stalk people via their Direct messages, Instagram now tells you when last someone was active, good news is you can turn this feature off, (reminds me of Whatsapp “last seen” feature, doesn’t it?)

Not so good News

6) Editing Your Instagram post reduces the engagement

7) Short comments no longer count as real engagement so no more “i Like” Loolll

8) Use less hashtags, the more hashtags you use the more desperate you look to Instagram, the less you show up in feeds.

9) Finally at the time of posting this, only 10% of our followers will see this, and the rest will see this at various intervals and this might be days later.


Coming Soon

Instagram is testing a feature to suggest recommended posts based on what you liked and what your friends liked. Just make sure you are following the right people.

There is also a repost and regram button in the works, this might eliminate having to use 3rd party apps to repost content that we love ( I think this will be really cool!)


Finally, whatever you do, keep a community, engage, engage, engage and engage some more. As i always say, consistency is better that quantity, so instead of focusing on posting so many times a day, learn to be consistent. Whatever you do, always check your post insights, that will give you some hope that people actually see your posts.

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