Using Email as a Marketing Tool in Nigeria

While creating a marketing strategy document for your business, you have probably heard more emphasis being put on Social media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Either Email is given less priority or it is not even discussed at all. This is a mistake most small businesses make when creating their marketing strategy.


Email Marketing is important because;

  1. Everyone is focusing on Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  2. It can be used in any type of Business.

What is the Role of Email Marketing

  1. Attract: Email can be used as a lead generation tool to attract potential clients who just entered into your marketing funnel. At times to attract people to join your list, you might have to give them something valuable in return. for example, a free online tutorial, a free template, a free eBook or free tips to help them grow their business or even sales discounts from your store, online or offline, or a voucher from even a third party store.
  2. Nurture: To Nurture members of your list you will need to keep giving them valuable content and this does not always have to include a free download. To nurture your list you will have to inspire them , connect them to valuable resources, educate them on important matters and even entertain them.
  3. Convert: To convert members of your list to paying customers, they will have to trust that you or your business to be genuine and be an authority in your field. and these email will help you build the trust you need and show expertise to your members.

There are various types of emails and here are some examples

  1. Digest: This is round up of news worthy items or articles, or a story summary of things that might be important to your members
  2. Relationship Building Messages:  These could be any of short lessons learned, telling your brand story, to make your members feel that they are part of your brand story. they feel more connected to the brand and have an emotional attachment to it when you walk them through the brand story. That connection increases the chances of them buying or purchasing your goods and services.
  3. Sales and Promotional: This type of email is geared towards selling your goods and services, will mostly include a discount or a coupon code.


Register with an email marketing service Provider, an email marketing service provider helps you automate and track your emails, it gives you a break down (analytics) of how your emails performed, for example, how many people opened it, how many clicks to the links provided and so on. Here are some you can register with to start with.

Constant contact


Active Campaign



Convert kit is especially for bloggers. You can choose any of these or many more that are available, that best suits your needs to start your email marketing drive. We will be showing you ways to grow your list in upcoming posts please stay tuned.

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