5 Effective ways to grow your social media Presence

  1. Engage: It is not enough to open a social media account and post daily, or consistently. You will have to engage, that is why it is “social” media. It means it thrives on interaction. Interaction on social media can be in form of liking photos/post and commenting in the case of Instagram, retweeting and liking in the case of Twitter, Repining in the case of Pinterest, Liking, sharing, commenting in the case of Facebook. Doing this regularly puts your account in front of people who wouldn’t have otherwise heard of you or seen you. So get down to it, start Socializing, as that is the essence of social.

    grow your social media account Organically with these simple steps

  2. Put out Valuable content: Now that you have a social media profile, you need to give out valuable content. Content that is related to what you do, or offer. For instance, if you sell fashion items, you have will have to give out fashion-related content not content related to cooking especially if it is your business page. Get a list of content pillars, this will help you get the right mix and definitely make your work easier.
  3. Post Reviews and user-generated content: For a Business, get user testimonials, this is particularly necessary for a country like Nigeria, where trust is an issue. Showing that people have done business with you and were satisfied with your services is a great way to build trust for your business. If you offer a service like Hospitality, help people connect with your brand by using images of people that have used your services.
  4. Post at Optimal times: Some content needs to be posted at the right time to get the needed engagement from it. For example, a post with a call to action is best posted in the afternoon than in the morning. Using your Social media Insights and analytics, you can find the best times your customers and followers are online and post at such times. This will increase the reach of your content.
  5. Contests: Collaborative contests are very helpful in increasing followership. Collaborate with a different brand that offers complimentary services. This will expose you to new audiences and build trust for your brand.

Most of all be consistent in your use of social media. These steps have to be taken over and over again before some improvements start to show. Do not take the easy way out by automating your account or buying followers and Likes. Putting in the work and consistency pays at the end of the day.

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