What you need to know before setting up an e-commerce store in Nigeria

Have you been dreaming of setting up and eCommerce store and don’t know where to start? You have come to the right site. You will get all the resources you need to start, set up and run an effective eCommerce store.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, e-commerce is very hard work and a lot goes into setting up an eCommerce store. You will not get this online as many people who give out this information do not really know how it works but see from outside. All the knowledge I will share in this series is what I experienced working with jumia.com.ng as it started from scratch and also setting up my own store accessoriesmall.com.ng and working there for the last 3 years. In all I have 5 years in depth knowledge of working in the ecommerce sector, and can give out as much information as I know. This will help new players set up wisely, and know what expect as they go. So they don’t have to make the mistake others have made.

I will break this into a series and I will post over a period of time. This information is too large for one post. But I will start with;



You must be able to answer the question above. There are different kinds of ecommerce stores, we will describe a few of them.

B2C (Business to Consumer): If you own a brand or a product or line of products and you will like to sell online, you can set up an ecommerce store strictly for your brand, it is advisable for those who have had a large following offline and the reach of their products have spread to locations outside their residential areas. For example you live in Lagos Nigeria and you have people demanding for your products in Kastina state and Bayelsa State, your best option is to set up so that they can place orders anytime they need your products.

Third Party marketplaces

B2B (Business to Business): Here you find businesses that need the services of other businesses like printing packaging, wholesale, logistics and so on, examples include printivo.com, kobo360.com, ace.ng Wholesale ecommerce isn’t very common for now in Nigeria (vconnect.com), as trader are still not literate enough to embark on this type of commerce, so it is a very promising niche that hasn’t been tapped fully. Example of an international B2B site is Alibaba.com.

B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer): This type of eCommerce is a hybrid, where there is a platform for businesses to reach their consumers, the merchants get their products stocked and sold for them by a bigger platform, examples are, jumia.com.ng, konga.com, accessoriesmall.com.ng etc. (if you will like to know the pros and cons of selling on these platforms please click this link)

C2C (Consumer to Consumer or Peer to peer): Here a seller posts a free or paid classified ad and gets a buyer contact him or her to buy the item, examples include, olx.com.ng, jiji.ng, agora.ng, Ebay and so on.

Aggregator Websites These kinds of websites feed from other websites to create special personalized experiences for their customers. Examples are supermart.ng, suregifts.com.ng.

If you choose the third party marketplace, you will need to invest a lot of money in marketing both online and offline. This will drive traffic to your site and encourage sellers to keep selling on your platform.


I hope you can choose an option from these. Please leave your comments and questions below and I will be happy to answer as many as possible. If you know other examples of these types of sites that haven’t been mentioned here please do not hesitate to write them below on the comment section. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “What you need to know before setting up an e-commerce store in Nigeria

  • The post was really helpful, provided answers to my many questions about starting my online business. Look forward to more of the series. Thank you.

  • Thank You Tiola for stopping by, and I am glad i could help. Definitely follow closely to know when we put up more posts. Thanks once more.

  • Thanks so much for the info. I look forward to more from you subsequently. I wish to start an online market hub, more like a site where businesses can showcase their businesses online with full description and all that encompasses that business so that customers can go and look up the type of product or service they want and try to locate it on ground.

    Is it possible to target just a particular location to serve online? e.g Nasarawa state

    • Thank you for Stopping by and leaving a comment here.
      A marketplace or Hub is the way to go for e-commerce in General, Amazon has shown us that for free.

      As for your question, it is possible to target a particular location, Just make sure your marketing and all are targeted at that particular location.

      We wish you the best, if you will like more help with the setup, please do not hesitate to get in Touch. Thank you.

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