5 things a typical e-commerce customer wants

As an e-commerce customer myself, working in the sector for the past 4 years, the feedback from customers and general customer psychology, It is safe to say that if an e-commerce company can provide the following services seamlessly, they will have a great customer return rate return rate.


We all know that acquiring customers is great, but retaining them is even greater. The online marketer will say that it has increased your CLV (Customer lifetime Value: This is the revenue you make on the average from a customer. The higher your CLV is, the more Return on marketing investment you get. Amazon has one of the highest CLVs, with prime customers spending up to $900 a year)


Now back to the gist, here are a few things we want


Shop on Mobile: Mobile is the now and the future as every customer wants to be able to shop on the go. It will be great to build your site for mobile and optimize it for web, meaning that, your site must be mobile responsive and very easy to use.


Assortment: Every e-commerce customer wants a site that has variety of products to choose from, if assortment is limited, your bounce rate will be high. (Sorry, bounce rate means the time a customer spends on your site) You have to keep them on the site once you get their attention and make sure what they want is available so they can buy.


Free Shipping: Tell me a customer that doesn’t like free shipping. Konga.com swears that you can increase your sales by 300% if you can offer free shipping. It is also a great incentive your customers to buy more, or return to buy some other time.


Same Day Delivery: Nothing excites an online customer like same day delivery. this might be very difficult to pull off as distance between you and your customer increases, but its something to bear in mind for those close to you.


Excellent customer Service: Treat your customer like who they are, the ones who keep your business afloat, and pay your salary. Pet them, give them incentives, train your staff to be polite at all times even when the customer is wrong. and most of all, keep in touch but don’t spam them.


Implementing these could change the story of your business.

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