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E-commerce Solutions

We consult on the best e-commerce solution for you, and help you set up your website or store. We also provide Process maps and actual Management of the following services. Inventory management & Control, Content and Catalog Management, Order management, Fulfillment and Finally Marketing

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Business Intelligence

Know more about your business through the data available to you. We provide solutions to help you run an effective business, by providing tools that help you make informed decisions.

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Social media Management

We help show your business to the world via social media, by helping you choose the relevant platforms for your business,and handling the stress of content creation as well Management. Our team also provides blog, website and product content where necessary.

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This Service is particularly available to Fresh BSc, HND, OnD graduates who are interested in gaining relevant skills needed in the e-business and e-commerce industry today. They will be trained on 5 main areas of e-commerce namely; Analytics User Experience (Content and Production) SEO/ SEM Inventory & Warehouse Management Customer Service & Vendor Management

Our solutions Make Your Business life Easier
Increase your client base, reach more people, & Take your business to the next level by being innovative and leveraging on Technology

With up to eight years combined experience in various e-business management fields, out team will give you the best advice for your business and proffer solutions, management and delivery, tailored specifically for your business.

We stand with you to watch your business grow, and take the stress of "do it all" from you.

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